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The engagement rings are the symbol of the union of a couple and a promise of eternal love. 

How to choose the right engagement ring? Whether it’s a solitaire, a trilogy, an eternity or a halo ring will be a source of great emotion and symbol of a unique moment in life.

Solitaire rings

A precious diamond in the middle of a gold setting with soft and sinuous lines.

The solitaire is a ring of rare beauty traditionally chosen as a symbol of engagement.

The single gem represents the strength of the bond and the preciousness of the feeling between the two people. The diamond symbolizes purity, passion, and eternity, reflecting the timeless love and enduring bond between the couple.

Trilogy rings

Three gemstones one side by side put on an elegant gold band.

The trilogy ring is made of three gemstones put on a setting that represents three different moments of an eternal love: the past (i loved you), the present (i love you) and the future (I will always love you). 

This jewel is also linked to the number three which in this case represents strength, purity and love.

Eternity rings

The eternity ring is formed by gemstones set on the entire ring circumference.

The eternity ring is formed by gemstones set on the entire ring circumference. 

The meaning of this jewel is expressed through the name of the jewel, which represents an eternal love, infinite as the circle of gems set in the frame.

Halo rings

A traditional ring with a central gemstone surrounded by diamonds.

This model has a traditional design with a central gemstone (e.g. sapphire, ruby, tanzanite or amethyst) surrounded by diamonds. 

It is increasingly chosen and appreciated as an engagement ring.

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